Monday, 3 October 2011



This is a main posting page of my blog.
I would like to share and explain my blog structures and functions to my readers.

At the upmost top page, readers can view my blog header which has my individul photo on the left with beautiful seaview background. It also has a title called My Exercise Blog and with My full name, UPSI Matric number and group number.

Beneath the blog header it shows a row of Navigation menu bars which consists of different pages.
Home - The main posting page of the blog consists of introduction and updated posting information.
About - About posting page introduces and descibes my profile, my family, pals and etc.
UPSI - It is my UPSI posting page which shares with reader regarding my course study in UPSI.
Activity -This posting page shows my frequent activities in my working place and etc.
Tutorial - It shares and teach readers the basic fundamental knowledges to build a new blog and etc.
Gallery - Displays and shares a lot of photos, animation pictures, audio and video clips.
Download - Readers who need some free softwares. can downlaod from here.
Contact - If  readers need any support and help.Please don't hesistate to contact me.I'll try my best to assist you.

Below the navigation menu bar. I split it into three(3) columns (Left, middle, right).
Each column has its own function. Let us see what the function it plays for:-
Left column -It shows a visitors hit-count, on-time analog clock, instant weather forecast in KL.
Readers can browse and  link  directly to some related goverment, education and UPSI  websites. It also provides readers link to their social networks such as facebook,twitter,blogger etc.
Middle column -it displays a content of posting.And let readers to understand what kind of  sharing information that i intend to present for them.
Right column -it is a last piece of information that i need to share with my reader which consists of my slide shows, chat box (readers can chat and share their talk online), blog archieve (shows my updated posting history), followers (readers can join my blog after registered their tiny photo will displays on my blog) etc.

At here, I end up my introduction. If you have any questions. You can contact me through my E-mail.

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